3/23-4/1 JOAN

Dates Playing: 3/23/2018 - 4/1/2018

Venue: Mainstage Theater at The Pheasant Run Resort

JOAN OF ARC, a French peasant girl, following "divine voices," led an army to break the siege of Orleans, crown the dauphin Charles VII as the rightful king and drive the English army from her country. Although Joan's military career lasted less than a year and she died before the age of twenty, she directly influenced the result of the Hundred Years' War. There is no evidence that Joan had any comprehension whatsoever of tactics, strategy or even the basic essentials of military operations. Yet in every battle she led from the front of the army, and although wounded twice, she remained in the most dangerous positions at the center of the battle. Interestingly, Joan herself recognized her worth as a symbol rather than a fighter and readily admitted during her trial that she never personally killed anyone in combat. Joan, in a mere six months of warfare, earns the distinction of being the only woman included in every list of the top 100 influential military leaders of all time. She, however, is no mere token. Regardless of one's feelings about "hearing voices" or women in combat, Joan left her mark, one that continues to this day. Charles the VII, who did nothing to save her at the time, ordered a formal retrial in 1456 that rehabilitated her reputation. On May 16, 1920, nearly 500 years later, Pope Benedict XV canonized her. Today on the 2nd Sunday of May a national festival all across France honors Joan as an enduring symbol of French unity and nationalism.   Her visions… Her faith… Her destiny… www.thesigmanbrothers.com

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3/23-4/1 JOAN

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